Who we are

The Road Ahead

Our Focus Areas

MMA is at the forefront when it comes to adapting to change. We strive to stay tuned to the environment without losing sight of our vision. Towards this end, we have identified the following focus areas for MMA.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation will be a key area of focus. We are in the process of establishing a digital studio, digitizing workflows, and leveraging other high tech tools and applications to great effect.

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Focus on new breed of entrepreneurs

Reach out to startups, new information technology, and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. They are a new breed of entrepreneurs with a great deal of social commitment. MMA can further build the managerial capabilities of these businesses.

Go beyond Chennai

Extend MMA programs to smaller cities/towns outside metros like Chennai in order to face up to the challenges of globalization and in order to take professional management to these fast growing areas.

Strengthen local chapters

MMA Chapters are opened in different towns of the state. There is a need to increase the activities and membership in these places.

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SME Networks

MMA is planning to create a number of ‘SME Networks’ for members to forge stronger relationship with MMA and to deliver greater value to members.