Who we are

Governance & Administration / Stakeholders

Members are Integral to All Our Activities

Our members include corporate houses, public sector undertakings, small and medium enterprises, educational institutions and non-profit societies as well as corporate executives, government officials, academic scholars, professionals, consultants and management students.

We have the following membership categories: honorary, institutional, association, individual, student, professional, patron, visiting, and associate members.


Honorary Members: Distinguished persons connected with business management, industrial administration, government or international organizations, and who had rendered outstanding service in the field of management are invited to be honorary members for life by the president of MMA.


Institutional Members: Any firm, corporation, government, enterprise, or other institution interested in the development and progress of professional management is eligible to be an institutional member.


Association Members: Chambers of commerce and educational institutions which are of non-profit making nature and department of universities or of educational institutions affiliated to university which imparted training in management skills are eligible for being


Patrons: Any individual organization in the private, public or joint sector, engaged in industry, trade or commerce, which donated to MMA a lumpsum, is appointed as a "Patron" of the association.


Individual Members: Any person engaged in management in any industry, business or government enterprises or engaged in teaching management subjects in institutions is eligible to be an individual member of the association.


Professional Individual Members: In addition to the above classes of MMA membership, Professional Individual Members of the All India Management Association are automatically made members of the MMA. They enjoyed all the privileges extended to the individual members of MMA.


Student Members: Persons enrolled as students in an institution teaching management subjects or of the AIMA for its Diploma Examination or of management association/institution for its professional examinations are eligible for student membership.


Visiting Members: Visiting Members are individuals visiting India and admitted by the committee as visiting member for a period not exceeding two months.


Associate Members Any person engaged in any industry, business or government enterprise, teaching in an academic institution or consultancy, and who wished to participate in the activities of specific interest groups of MMA