Training and Development

Compact Programs for Developing
Functional Skills

The program topics under this category are the same as in Continuing Education. However, the content and delivery pattern are different, in keeping with the program’s short duration—about 3 to 5 days long. The programs are designed either independently or in consultation with partners/members.

Executive Education Programs

Our programs give corporate professionals and entrepreneurs an opportunity to gain new insights and a fresh perspective to emerging or persistent business challenges.

Management Development Programs

Self-development programs that focus on nurturing executive talent and experience. These programs develop individual growth, acumen, and gravitas required to manage business and people.

Corporate Training Programs

Workplace learning activities are designed for member organizations in consultation with professional bodies. These programs are designed to educate employees, hone their skillsets and progress professionally.


Industry Visits

Visits are organized to factories that are Demming award winners, innovative, and environmental-friendly (green buildings, etc), and follow best industry practices. Such visits promote an exchange of ideas and practices, and we regularly organize these visits based on members’ needs.